Empowered to Soar

When I was a young man, I thought I could do all the things in my strength and I could control all things.  However, God was about to show me how wrong I was.


I would like to go sailing on San Francisco bay at night, as I got close to the Golden Gate bridge, the tide was forcefully rush out to sea and even though I have the motor in full throttle and all sails up and full, the tide pulled me out to sea and there was nothing I could do about it.  I pulled out about 25 miles out to sea and the tide would not change until morning. So I spent the night out there in the dark.  Just me and God.  He is so gracious and forgiving.  A lesson I will never forget.

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  • Kent, great story about going out with the tide, and being experienced enough to not go against the tide. So it is living with our Faith. Making decisions without prayer can leave you out 25mi in the boat, waiting
    hopefully in the dark!


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