The Favor of GOD


AFTER 40 years in the marketing business, with my own company, I must acknowledge the favor of GOD in My life. I have lived an inspired and motivated existence.

KNOW THIS: that where ever you are in life the grace of GOD can favor and inspire you by restoring whatever life has dealt you.

We must seek him and his word daily. I must admit that I have not done this as the cares of the world have screamed very loud in my ear and when I try to handle it under my own strength without GOD, I fail.

By far the greatest blessing in my life is many times she has encouraged me to go to prayer regarding a particular issue. She has studied the word for years and speaks regularly to groups that are hungry for the word of GOD.

I freely declare that when I think I can handle the issue on my own, I fail. I have found that when we pray about the issue that the answer comes, not as expected. But as a revelation from GOD to solve the problem

I am a Born Again child of the living GOD. This letter is about empowerment to soar. The way it is done is through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit I have found that many people walked around depressed and discouraged and I have compiled many quotes from others who have walked the path and soared because someone took the time to inspire and motivate them.

Let’s say you have just walked through the disappointment of a job loss. Now your mind starts to wander through the maze of what to do next. First, there is GOD and you must not try to carry the entire burden ourselves because GOD says he will never leave you or forsake you. You must go after peace and then your mind will be open to other options. Now, this disappointment and discouragement is not the work of GOD, but of the enemy. Soo recognize this and you can resist him and he will flee and must leave because you are the one in charge.

Now your mind is open to finding other options. Did you ever think that maybe this is a time for you to soar above your circumstances and find something more suited for you? Stretch and you will find something that is closer to home, with greater income and greater responsibility. Do you need further training to reach the level of skill and knowledge that the new position requires? YOU JUST NEED TO TAKE THE BURDEN OFF YOUR SHOULDERS AND PLACE IT ON GOD, WHO WANTS IT ANYWAY.



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