Our Message

 Too often we overlook our own health and we suffer for it. One simple habit - like WALKING - has the power to improve your life more than any other habit! Start walking with friends and family or by yourself today

After my recent heart procedure, the doctor visited me in hospital.  He said "I did very well because you take care of yourself and are in good shape"

I shared a room with another man who was overweight, smoked, and did not exercise.  He was still in hospital as I went home the next morning.

My passionate mission is to help others get in shape and take care of themselves enjoying greater energy, strength, flexibility and mobility

The word of God has sustained me all my life, through inspiration and courage.  Now you can have scripture engraved right on your cane or walking stick.  You will have the comfort to know in a tangible way that God is walking right with you.

Whether you need the cane for a week, month, year or even the rest of your life, God never leaves you or forsakes you.

The walking stick gives you great encouragement to venture out with confidence because the scripture that is engraved on your walking stick also goes with you as a symbol of God presence.

When you have mobility, it energizes your soul and will go a long way toward your recovery and when you have the word of God, nothing can stop you or defeat you. 

Please click here to view the article from USA Today newspaper regarding walking for exercise, especially the pedometer recommendation for encouragement.